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I am half British and half Greek.  I was born and grew up in Greece, spent the early years of my life in Africa, attended a Greek school, then an American University with a very diverse student body, and now will study International Management  at  a UK university. From these formative experiences, my personality is already ‘internationalised.’  It is perhaps the very realisation of this that creates the imperative for me to be well prepared for a global leadership role, that has lead me to make this choice of degree.

I have completed the requirements for my degree – International Relations & Communication – from the University of Indianapolis, Athens Campus in less than three years. This is normally a four year degree. So my rapid completion and respectable GPA is something that I am proud of.

I  am keen to pursue further studies in the area of International Management and Marketing and be able to consider these issues from a global perspective.

My studies within a multicultural community, have certainly influenced my special interest in obtaining an international view on communication – public relations and human behaviour.

I don’t see myself working and living in one place and fully expect to be geographically mobile.  Indeed, globalisation dictates that we are all world citizens and I am determined to be proactive in my preparation for an international career in Communication and Management.

I am willing to go above and beyond my capabilities and my limits to succeed in the path that I have chosen for myself. The experiences and events that have transpired in my life have shaped my conviction in self-efficiency. Every step that has steered me towards my decisions, has been a journey of self-actualization.  In common with all of us, I have made some wrong turns and failed attempts but despite all the mistakes I have never regretted my decisions. I am still very young but I take great care in planning my future and I strongly believe that I can make the right choices in my life.

Working in the departement of Communication will provide me the chance to grow intellectually and give me direction for the future at this critical point in my life.  

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